Qebula is a new era agency enabling corporations to become more entrepreneurial and move like start-ups wherever and whenever it is relevant.

We support in accelerating your innovation by diffusing the entrepreneurial mindset throughout the whole organization. We inspire, educate and train your intrapreneurs, facilitate your boot-camps and help you spot opportunities to create stars.

We ensure that you foster an environment of innovation culture to secure the future of your company.

Nebula: From dust to stars

A nebula is an interstellar cloud of dust which acts as a star forming region. Great density and gravitational energy make the dust particles fuse into stars so strong they can hold themselves in an independent ecosystem.

Q for Questioning: Questioning creates Stars

Allow us to be that forming energy that kick starts the creation of new stars for your company and helps you develop the mindset that secures you an ecosystem for future star development on your own.

"Dare to question, disrupt and form stars!"

Mary Apostolaki

Founder & Qebulator

Qebula is the creation of stars with a methodology of constantly questioning the existing and being open towards the unknown. It is all about daring, experimenting and being able to change.