We have created a threefold programme for the implementation of a star forming mindset within your company. The three elements can form a solution in combination or used independently depending on your specific needs. Every solution will be tailormade by initiating the process with a customized assessment and co-design of your unique programme.



2-day interactive inspiration workshop

This is where we trigger the entrepreneurial mindset. The INSPIRE element is a 2-day interactive inspiration workshop where your company will be exposed to the VUCA world (the world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity), the latest from the key global innovation hubs, cases of who is disrupting their industries right now and how, the role of technology, implications and opportunities for you.


This is where real stars are born. The SPARK element can serve two purposes: solve a specific problem within your organization (a pain) or spot a new opportunity to create a star.

We help you set up an interdisciplinary team, inspire the right mindset and facilitate the process in a customized boot-camp, guiding you through the successful Qebula methodology. We provide you with an eclectic toolbox consisting of different principles of design thinking, business model innovation, and lean start-up.

solve a problem or spot a new opportunity


This is where stars are maturing and an ecosystem for star formation is enabled. The FORM element represents a customized holistic approach that goes beyond the INSPIRE and SPARK boot-camp with specific strategic actions and set of tactics needed to create an ecosystem that can foster collaboration, incubate new initiatives and secure the diffusion of entrepreneurial culture.

Qebula is a supportive partner, mentor, and coach along this journey.

a strategic roadmap and formation of a sustainable entrepreneurial culture